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Benefits of a Caregiver Support Group

1) Realizing you are not alone.

Participants of a support group can gain a feeling of relief or identity by speaking with others about their issues and listening to the issues of others and come to realize that they are surprised by their overlap.

2) Expressing your feelings.

Having an outlet to speak and express feelings that may not otherwise have a place can help to build coping skills and a sense of community.

3) Learning more about yourself.

Sharing within a group of people can lead to discoveries about one’s self.

4) Lessening the emotional load.

Having a space to share and communicate with others can lead to having an overall lighter emotional and mental load.

5) Gaining and re-gaining hope.

Seeing others in a group who are in similar and differing points in their life and their relationship to caregiving can inspire a feeling of hope.

6) Socializing.

Making specific time to speak and be spoken to can be a welcome change in the life of a busy and tired individual.

7) Helping others.

Sharing and making space for others to share can be helpful to others in a support group.

8) Reducing distress, stress, and anxiety.

Working through issues and concerns in a positive and supportive environment can lead to an easing of the feelings of distress and anxiety, and can lessen overall stress levels.

9) Getting practical advice and information from others.

Finding common ground and hearing the perspectives of others within a group can garner practical, useful information for coping and managing issues for participants of a group.


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