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Four Benefits to Companion Suite Living in Memory Care

1. Ease the Transition.

Moving into a new home can be challenging for anyone but it can be especially difficult for a person
living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. There is a lot of change happening at once. Having a friend who has established roots in the memory care community can make it easier for new residents to make an instant friend. If they have someone to do things with, they are more likely to participate in the activities offered and improve their quality of life while making new friends.

2.  Reduce Loneliness.

Sharing a living space with another person can drastically reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness while promoting physical and mental health in memory care residents. Research shows that seniors with dementia who have strong social support experience delayed cognitive impairment. Companion living also allows resident’s family and friends to build relationships and support one another in the caregiving journey.

Check out Cynthia’s story, one of our amazing family members:

"We were blessed to hear about Oxford when it was time for my mother to enter into a memory care facility. In the beginning we were disappointed that we were unable to afford a private room — little did we know how well it would work out for my mother to be in a companion room. The benefits of the companion room are many. It is a relief to know there is someone else in the room with her. We love the fact she isn’t alone at night when she sleeps. We developed a bond with both her roommate and her family. I feel like Oxford takes personalities in consideration when placing roommates together. We strongly recommend a companion room at Oxford. We have absolutely nothing but praise for our experience!”— Cynthia

3. Minimize Confusion.

People living with Alzheimer’s and dementia suffer from cognitive, behavioral, mood and psychological problems. Some of these issues include confusion in the evening hours, wandering, depression and aggression just to name a few. Having a companion nearby can help minimize the confusion of waking up alone. If there is someone else in the room, they are less likely to get up and wander looking for somebody. They see someone in the other bed, and it’s comforting to them.

4. Reduce Cost.

Great care for your loved with dementia is priceless, but sometimes the budget is tight. A companion suite is the perfect solution! You get all the enriching and innovative care that your loved one needs with a significant savings. Because companion suites are easier on the budget, they also offer family caregivers some peace of mind that they will be able to keep a great quality of life for their loved one for an extended period of time.

At Oxford Senior Living, we do more than care for your loved one, we care about them. We work with families to create individualized profiles of life before the disease to provide an enriched lifestyle that is unique to each resident. Companion living may be perfect for your loved one. Want to see what a companion suite looks like at Oxford? Visit us at and find the community nearest you. We are here to help make this transition the best experience it can be.


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