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How to Thrive in Senior Housing

1) Focus on the Positive

A new adventure is waiting for you! Join new friends and make new memories. Leave behind cleaning, yard work and empty social calendars.

2) Make it Feel Like Home

As soon as you pick your apartment, get started on planning how to set it up. Speak with your Executive Director about ways to customize your living space. The Maintenance Director will be happy to hang pictures to get things settled in. Fill your new home with things you love, things you need and cherished mementos. The sooner you have things organized in your new home, the sooner you will feel comfortable and ready to make new friends.

3) Participate in Activities

One of the biggest ways to THRIVE in senior housing is to participate in activities offered at the community. This will keep you active in mind, body and soul. Take a look at your community’s activity calendar and see what might interest you every week. Try to do at least one social and physical activity each day. We are used to a routine as adults. Choosing a couple of activities each day will give you a routine and some exciting new adventures to look forward to everyday. Be sure to speak up! If there are activities you would like to see offered, suggest them to the Life Engagement Director.

Participating in activities not only keeps you in a routine and active, it keeps you social. It is a lot easier to meet your neighbors and establish friendships when you are participating in activities. You will also find yourself establishing friendships with the team members of your communities as well.

4) Try Something New

The Life Engagement Director of your community fills your activity calendar with all types of fun. Residents often develop new skills and hobbies with so many opportunities right at your doorstep! You could learn to paint, jump into a regular card game, or join a creative writing group that your new friend Marvin just started. Are you a born leader? You can add to the fun by working with the Life Engagement Director to organize cooking demos for your friends or help plan a craft fair to show off the many talents of your neighbors. The possibilities are endless.

5) Speak Up

Your community's leadership team aims to make your life as fantastic as possible. That is why they do what they do. If you need something, please be sure to let someone know. If there is something you would like offered as an activity, bring it up. If you are hoping one of our team members can join you for the next episode of Wheel of Fortune, just ask! This is your home and the team members who work there want you to thrive. They are your support system.


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