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Opal’s story

When Dad passed away in October, Opal came to live with Jill and her husband. Overnight, Jill went from being a daughter to becoming the primary caregiver of her very active mother and a housewife who couldn’t keep up with her own life. Mom needed more than she could offer, and Jill needed help.

That’s when she reached out to Oxford Glen Memory Care.

Jill knew Oxford Glen was the right place for Opal as soon as she and her mom walked in. Opal received such a warm welcome from staff and residents. Immediately they were laughing and hugging as if they were old friends.

Jill says, “She’s more relaxed than I’ve ever seen her! She used to be so high-strung she shouldn’t sit still. Mom is so active now and has so many new friends." Even Jill’s out-of-town brothers have noticed a difference. After a 15-minute call with her youngest son, Opal was happy and relaxed. She wasn’t worried about what she couldn’t remember, and she wasn’t worried about what she couldn’t do.

Jill and her brothers believe Oxford’s programming and philosophy have made a huge difference. At Oxford Glen, certified dementia caregivers get to know who each resident was before Alzheimer’s and dementia so they can understand how to genuinely care for each resident now.

“Life is a journey,” Jill said recently. “She is doing so well it’s great. Mom seems to have more clarity. She just loves the structure and routine of Oxford Glen."

Oxford Glen Memory Care at Sachse Reviews

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Alice’s story

“We have been so happy at Oxford Glen. This is the third home my Mom has been in for the past year, but the first one I feel is doing it right. Now, Mom smiles all the time and is happy again.

“Having my Mom in a place where people really believe in what they are doing and believe that they can make a difference in the lives of our loved ones touches my heart. So many places do not treat people with Alzheimer’s like they are still people. At Oxford Glen they not only treat Mom like a person, they show her every day that she is loved.

“I want to commend the owners of Oxford Glen for putting both the physical care and the emotional care of the residents as a priority. Your caregivers are exceptional. The activities team is phenomenal. Your maintenance and cleaning crews do a tremendous job of keeping the place shining. The nursing staff is excellent with the residents, doing what they can to individualize their needs and work with the families. Everyone has been extremely helpful and is always there to listen. Our Chef is awesome, and the management staff is incredible. They are always present and interacting with the residents and staff.

“So to say that I LOVE Oxford Glen is an understatement. Thank you for all that you do and for being such a blessing to my family.”

Earleen’s story

“Before coming to Oxford Glen in Sachse, Mama and Daddy weren’t getting around very good. Their days consistently were spent sitting or lying on the couch. Meals were good, but served in small portions, some of which Mama never finished.

“After moving to Oxford Glen, they both are up and around much more, doing exercises in the mornings and going for fairly long walks almost every day.

“Mama has started eating big, full meals and Daddy eats well too. Their health is so much better. They look better and seem happier.

“Both of them love everyone who works here and Mama always tells me ‘I think all the people here are so nice.”

Nina’s story

Nina’s daughters talk about the assisted living residence where their mom Nina lived before coming to Oxford Glen in Sachse.

“Her previous assisted living community painted a picture of heaven but they were very negative in reality,” they said of the care their mother received there. “It was a cold environment and the things that were promised to us did not happen. We were constantly worried,” they said.

All of that changed at Oxford Glen.

“The love and care the residents receive here is second-to-none,” Nina’s daughters say.

“Not only from the caregivers, but from all the staff, from the dining department, to the housekeepers, everyone takes the time to interact with the residents and show enormous amounts of love. Family that was never involved with our mom now comes to Family Fun Nights at Oxford Glen and always has great things to say about the staff and the time we have.”

“We truly trust the staff and we are loved in return and put at ease.”

Tom & Teresa’s story

“I wanted to let you know what a great company Oxford Senior Living is. I also think that your employees are the best. Every single one from your director to your housekeeper, maintenance, life-enrichment, CNAs and CMAs are genuine caregivers. I am amazed at the concern they show for my mother and father. They are smart, well trained, and have empathy and love for all the residents.

“My dad was almost gone when they arrived here, and he has improved about 300 percent! Mom was further along in her debilitating disease, but is so very happy and healthy here – better than their previous facility and when they were in their own home. Thanks again for the great care and home you’ve given my parents.”

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